Vanguard Sphere provides bespoken healthcare services. Creating exceptional healthcare accommodations and services that you would choose for your loved ones.
European healthcare is changing rapidly, providing the opportunity to deliver a wider range of services and create a better experience for customers. Our in-house development team works as a developer and operator to source facilities and experiences in ideal locations for healthcare. We believe new premises can be the catalyst for positive change and positive impact – so we work closely with architects, planners, developers and designers to create maximum impact and local economic benefits.
There is a demand for modern, age-adjusted properties that enable residents to enjoy a fulfilling lifestyle that promotes independence.

WHAT WE create

We seek to partner for the long-term. Vanguard Sphere work with some of the leading designers and healthcare operators and people in Portugal.

Our mission is to create exceptional healthcare facilities you’d choose for your loved ones – and our portfolio reflects this commitment.


We are all about taking the long-term approach. Whether we’re developing a new retirement community or investing in a best-in-class care home, we start by asking what matters most to our partners, our investors and the people who use healthcare facilities. It all comes from our obsession with delivering a first-rate customer experience.   

Our Portfolio

Vanguard Sphere has a diversified healthcare pipeline in Portugal. We are currently developing two facilities near Lisbon. Our portfolio includes a senior living care home with day care, home care, senior university, and retirement community. Moreover, we are creating a premium rehab clinic with a focus on health, inner happiness and wellbeing.

Strategic Partnerships

At Vanguard Sphere, it’s all about what can be done, rather than what has been done in the past. We think “outside the box” to provide the best healthcare experience for our customers. Our integrated development and partnership approach means that we support our customers through every step to ensure the success of their project.

Designing future care

We are firm believers that good design has a positive impact on the wellbeing, morale and effectiveness of people working in and using a building.
Every healthcare environment we design is unique and makes a real difference to the community.

Stress-free build process

The construction process can be a stressful time, but Vanguard Sphere is here to take the strain. We are highly experienced in negotiating all aspects of building, from planning applications to ensuring high standards and regulations are met.

Sustainability matters

At Vanguard Sphere, sustainability is more than just “being green”. Sustainable development is a fundamental part of the project, ensuring new buildings meet both present and future requirements.

Health Projects

Care Home

Contributing to boosting the immune system, restoring vitality and combating the effects of aging, our clinic combines cutting-edge medicine and technology with unique well-being and nutrition plans to revitalize part of the body.

With its eyes on the future, Vanguard Sphere is developing a modern and high quality senior residence. Located in Santarém, the senior house aims to promote well-being, contact with nature and proximity to the family and the community.

The senior residence offers single, double, and triple rooms, with a capacity to accommodate 57 clients. In addition to the rooms, the residence will have a dining area, with a healthy, diversified and delicious menu, several rooms and common spaces, internal and external, where various recreational and educational activities will be held. Some examples of activities are the music and cooking club, gymnastics and dances, gardening, plastic arts, reading workshops, culture and debate.

This senior residency will have a general practitioner, nursing service, nutritionist, and a psychologist. For the most dependent senior person, in a state of recovery or rehabilitation, the physiotherapist will be available for group and individual sessions.

Barber, hairdresser, manicure, and massage services are also available, whenever requested.

The individual needs of each resident will always be considered after an initial technical assessment and each resident will have an individual plan customized to their needs. This residence will receive senior people with varying degrees of dependency. Thus, the senior home will be an extension of the quality of life of its residents and the constant search for their daily happiness.

Rehab Clinic

The secret of how to live a longer, healthier and fuller life is a mystery to many. Based on an extensive and profound experience, we offer a pioneering fusion of medicine, caring service, science and holistic wellness, combined with luxury hospitality, to those in search of a deep change in their health and wellbeing.

The clinic is located on top of a hill, in Santarém, and has 3 ha in a unique environment with total privacy, providing a large and green space for clients. The rooms will be individual, and the clinic will have a capacity for 15 clients.

This project aims to become a reference at European level in the treatment of addictions and addictive behaviors. The clinic will adopt the “12-step rehabilitation plan” that lasts 28 days.

Inserted in the scope of health tourism, the clinic aims to be comparable to a luxury hotel and provide a premium service to its customers, not only at the level of stay, but also at the clinical level. All meals will be carefully prepared, individual and group therapies, Yoga classes, massages and riding lessons will be promoted. In their free time, customers can take a walk in the large gardens, read, play sports, or meditate.

This program aims to mitigate the physical dependence on Drugs, identify and explore the causes behind the addictions. We believe that our team can promote personalized treatment to the client’s needs and answer the crucial questions that will influence the treatment’s success rate.