Style, space and convenience in the heart of the city of Montijo


In the very heart of the major artery of the city of Montijo


Combining peace and nature with close proximity to Lisbon


Combining peace and nature with close proximity to Lisbon

Vanguard Sphere is a company focused on the development of well-being accomodations and real estate investments, based in Lisbon, Portugal.

We aim to deliver an exceptional portfolio of residential properties and well-being hotels.

We offer the highest quality architectural and design solutions to those with a modern lifestyle in mind, combining comfort and beauty. All the while ensuring harmony with the environment and the local community.

Additionally, our health and well-being solutions aim to create facilities and services that you would choose for your loved ones, ensuring comfort and care to its clients and family. Vanguard Sphere offers prime senior care and personalized well-being hotel. Comfort, privacy, security and 24/7 assistance combined with extensive private gardens for outside activities. Our in-house development team promotes and operates well-being and healthcare facilities, enabling excellent conditions to its clients.

Real Estate

Vanguard Sphere delivers high quality and exclusive apartments and houses, each offering their own unique experiences.

Our standards are high. From the design of the project to the moment in which we deliver the keys. The goal is always to satisfy our stakeholders.

Health and Well-being

Our solutions go beyond treatment as we focus on providing a better life to our customers. By creating exceptional and comfortable residential facilities that you would choose for your loved ones, we believe that we can deliver life-changing possabilities with our personalized services. 


We have expertise and competencies in a wide range of projects from residential properties, condominiums, senior living care facilities and well-being hotels.

As an investor, we are all about taking a secure and long-term approach. Hence, whether we are developing a new residential building or investing in a first-class health facility, we start by asking “what matters most?” to our team, our partners, our investors, and the people who use our services and facilities. It all comes from our passion with delivering a first-class customer experience – real estate residential buyers, seniors or people with depression, burnout and/or low self-esteem.


We work with local and experienced architects, engineers, designers and contractors. We seek to create modern, fit-for-purpose facilities that provide a positive and sustainable social, environmental and economic impact on the residents and the local community.

We carefully select projects and sites with significant growth potential, in relaxing and safe surroundings, embracing excellence, harmony and technology in each single step of the process.

VILLA Victoria

Villa Victoria is a new and exclusive condominium in the heart of Montijo, a short step away from the beautiful river Tagus and all amenities. Combining the tranquility of its gardens and the privacy of its swimming pool and gym, with the proximity to metropolitan Lisbon, Vila Victoria is the perfect match for those who want to be close to everything and prioritise quality of life.

Domus Ria

Domus Ria is a new residential building in Montijo’s historical center that offers the quietness and privacy of a small place. Besides the generous areas of the flats and the comfort of having private parking, the proximity to metropolitan Lisbon makes Domus Ria the perfect choice.

Vale do Eden

Vale do Eden is a new private and beautiful condominium in Murteira, Loures. It can offer privacy, peace and quietness. Moreover, the condominium will be the perfect match for those who seek to enhance their quality of life while being close to Lisbon and enjoying what the nature offers.