About Vanguard Sphere

At Vanguard Sphere, we work with local architects, engineers, designers and contractors. We seek to create modern, fit-for-purpose facilities that provide a positive social, environmental and economic impact on the local community.

We value, above all else, the excellence of all our projects. It is our commitment to add value by conceiving of exclusive, high quality residential projects, condominiums, elderly residential homes and health clinics.

Mariana Faria

Mariana Faria

Co-Founder / CEO

Masters in Management from Nova School of Business and Economics. 10+ years of experience in financial restructuring and the management of infrastructure and other related assets in Lisbon and London, spanning projects worth upwards of $15 billion in that time. In 2016, Mariana started Baustelle International in London, which trades physical commodities and offers associated financial advisory.

José Gato

VP Business Development

Masters in Finance with a major in Corporate Finance from Nova School of Business and Economics. Prior to joining Vanguard Sphere, he managed Horta do Monte, a family-owned business in the agricultural sector and developed consulting projects for start-ups and foundations.


Miguel Faria

Non-executive Director

Masters in Civil Engineering from Instituto Superior Tecnico (IST), focused on the Rehabilitation of Structures. Postgraduate in Innovation and Technology Management and an MBA from INSEAD. Extensive experience in infrastructure projects in Portugal (rehabilitation and new construction), London (2012 Olympic Games) and Montreal (PPPs). He is currently Director of Operational Excellence at The Navigator Company.

Margarida Albuquerque

Chief Operating Officer

Masters in Management from Universidade FUME. Margarida is responsible for our operations, research, development, and marketing. She has over ten years of experience in the real estate industry.

Daniel Fonseca

Project Manager

Masters in Engineer from Instituto Tecnológico de Celaya. Daniel is a Civil Engineer, who plans, designs and oversees the construction and maintenance of our projects.

Matilde Castro

Finance Director

Masters in Finance from Universidade Católica de Santos UNISANTOS. Matilde is our group accountant and tax advisor. She has 10+ years experience across financial accounting, auditing, business forecasting and planning, management accounting, financial system implementation and taxation matters.

David Portugal

General Counsel

Masters in Law from Universidad Católica de Oriente. David provides corporate legal oversight of Sphere Vanguard. He has almost 10 years’ experience of practicing corporate law.


Working together to build your dreams.

Vanguard Sphere builds homes and neighbourhoods. We create beautiful, happy places. We work together with other people to tackle the shortage of good quality homes; and we make a lasting contribution to the landscape, clients and to the communities we help create. Vanguard Sphere builds for everyone.


Enriching the lives of customers and communities by putting them at the heart of our decisions.

Vanguard Sphere’s mission is to build senior health and rehabilitation spaces in line with the fulfillment of its Vision. Orchestrating the processes for creating these spaces, managing assets and operating them, Vanguard Sphere creates value for its users, for the community and for all its stakeholders, in a process of continuous improvement.

We commit to providing an excellent service, developing high quality projects and always asking, “What is more important?” to our team, partners, investors and clients. We collaborate with public and private authorities to contribute to the well-being and happiness of users and employees.

We organise and disseminate information of a technical and scientific nature, also contributing to the development, sustainability and quality of social responses, through consultancy and design of support materials.

We encourage participation in consortia and projects with the aim of promoting innovation and social entrepreneurship.


The core values that underpin Vanguard Sphere remain unchanged from its early days. These are a passion for great places, having integrity, showing respect for people, thinking creatively and achieving excellence through detail. This culture informs the way we work, the way we lead the business, and what we deliver to our customers.

Respect for the person

Respect for the Person with integrity, empathy and compassion at all times. Absolute respect for fair conduct and the promotion of equal opportunities and treatment for all people who seek our services, conferring dignity as a fundamental asset


Environmental, economic, business, psychological and social Sustainability with integration and care for all stakeholders and with a view to a long-term strategy


Innovation based on the successful exploration of new ideas, guided by Excellence


Contribution to Society

Contribution to Society with cooperation and solidarity. Fostering a  “doing” and a “being” in solidarity, which fully welcomes and those who resort to our services

Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement with an emphasis on constant optimization of internal processes and actively listening to the needs of stakeholders and transforming them into value proposals